Monday, June 27, 2016

New book analyzes Orlando shooting - get ready to be shocked!

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The mainstream media's version of the Orlando shooting – RADICAL MUSLIMS HATE GAYS, PLEASE SUPPORT GUN CONTROL – falls apart under critical examination.

In this book, former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele offers what he calls "probably the only systematic look at sixty-five anomalies associated with what appears to be a false flag event."  Seventeen other leading public intellectuals also weigh in. Some consider the evidence suggesting the event was a false flag; others discuss the historical and cultural background and deconstruct the media propaganda.

Following on the heels of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo and ANOTHER French False Flag, Orlando False Flag brings Kevin Barrett and colleagues' trenchant critique of the "war on terror" back home to the USA.


  1. The first cover with the Rainbow and ISIS checkered flags should definitely be used, that is the winner.
    The reason for making this choice for the book cover, is because this event was less about the movements and motives of gunman Omar Mateen (compared to other 'mass shootings')and more about the obvious subliminal agenda being pushed across into the public realm by both government and the media.
    Good luck with the book !

  2. I think neither cover would be appropriate for Americans. You should have something with girls and cars, to fit the mentality of the naive, brain-dead, red-necked, flag-waving morons, who seem to be able to accept any story out of the mouths of their "Religious leaders". Their leaders of their religion of "America" , for that is truly the only religion they have.

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